Kavalan NAS Solist ex-Bourbon (58.8%, OB, C#B070611009, 196 Bts., B’ 19/08/2009) – Taiwanese Whisky Tasting Note


Part I of “No Age Statement Week”

Kavalan NAS Solist ex-Bourbon (58.8%, OB, C#B070611009, 196 Bts., B’ 19/08/2009)

From the newest distillery on Taiwan The King Car I-Lan Distillery (The King Car Food Industrial Company Ltd). A single cask bottling. Taiwan has a very high average temperature so the maturation and evaporation rates are similar to what Amrut experiences.

The nose (undiluted) is of barley sugar, pears, tinned fruit cocktail and some dusty malt. A very good collection of aromas and yes, it does smell of whisky and very much in the Scottish style. With water it opens up to reveal more of the dusty malt and is very reminiscent of an Cnoc or BenRiach from ex-bourbon casks. The after a moment or two barley sugar emerges. The diluted taste is an immediate departure from Scotland but is still very good, after a moment it returns to form with some tobacco and the malt. The barley sugar is muted. The undiluted taste is strong with loads of black pepper and ginger and the fruit cocktail form the aroma. The finish is mouth smacking good with the malt and fruit tumbling over each other; it’s very long and at the tail end a little chocolate emerges but it’s quite slight. The malt emerges after some time and some what later  very dry notes emerge.

What a great dram, aggressive and vibrant with loads of flavour. Better with a few drops of water; it opens up.


Score 85 points

Many thanks to Thomas C for arranging for this sample. Visit Kavalan Distillery at www.kavalanwhisky.com


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