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A Wonderful New Dram and More
A Veritable Cornucopia

An interesting description but I tasted an absolutely stunning whisky the other night, overflowing with fruit aromas and flavours and fully reminding me of my childhood when my mother used to make many different jams each from a different fruit.  The complexity, sweetness and balance of this whisky are a real joy and I said a silent toast to the people who produced the spirit and looked after the cask in the warehouse. So what is this whisky and where can it be purchased? Well the good news is that it is a Glenglassaugh but the not so good news is that it is a single-cask from 1972 which was selected by Andrea Caminneci and the bottles are only available through Andrea in Germany.

We are though discussing single cask releases with our other importers and so hopefully there will be other similar bottle releases in future.

The Manager’s Legacy

Well the first two releases from the series, a 1974 re-fill hogs head and a 1986 re-fill butt are almost sold out and the feedback is that they are well liked.

In January we will release the third in the series, which will be older and consequently more expensive than we originally planned, but at 42 years old from a 1968 refill butt the whisky is amazing and at £440.00 per bottle is good value. There will be only 300 bottles available.

I took a sample to Örebro Beer and Whisky Festival last weekend and used it in 2 master-classes, not surprisingly it was considered outstanding, with no-one leaving so much as a drop at the bottom of the glass.

The final release in the series is a 1967 re-fill hogshead of which there are only 200 bottles and this will be available from March 2011.

November Whisky Events

The first event was in Leuven Belgium and went well with a tasting class on the first day, which had been delayed due to a delay in my luggage arriving from Schiphol.


The second event was the following weekend in Leiden in the Netherlands in what is a beautiful old church making a fantastic setting. No master-class here but a great event and many new converts to Glenglassaugh.


Weekend number 3 and a trip to Örebro in Sweden and a 2 day extravaganza with master-classes on both days and a chance to let those attending the classes try the forthcoming Manager’s Legacy Bert Forsyth release. A stunning 42 year old dram with no-one leaving so much as a drop at the bottom of their glass.


Weekend number 4 and a trip to Frankfurt for Interwhisky and 2 master-classes with an opportunity to introduce the Limited Release German bottling. First tasting is past and the reaction was fantastic, all the bottles brought to the fair for sale at the event have gone and now we are having to “borrow” stock from a local retailer. Sunday tasting and fair is due to start in a few hours and who knows how well it will go today.

At least 2 more Octaves sold and many more converts to the amazing whiskies of Glenglassaugh.


November is our busiest month and while I have been away every weekend the distillery has still been producing and Peter has been organising the bottling and shipping of the highest number of cases from the distillery for any month so far.

If there has been one downside then it is the travelling, there has not been one trip that has not involved either luggage arriving late or flight delays with yesterdays trip from Aberdeen arriving 5 hours late with a 3 hour wait on the runway at Aberdeen while we waited for the snow to stop. Ah well it is the start of winter.



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