Gordon & MacPhail 20cl Mortlach 70 Y.O. ‘Generations’ Missing! UPDATE – Scotch Whisky News


Thomas Kuuttanen has an update on the Stolen G&M Mortlach 70yo…

“The show ended at midnight Sunday, and exhibitors were escorted out of the hall about 12:30 by security. Symposion only had a few minutes to secure 300 bottles of whisky until they could return in the morning to tear down the booth. They hid the Mortlach package inside their bar surrounded by dozens of other bottles. In the morning, the Mortlach and what he described as a normal bottle (a 25-30 year old Macallan!) were missing. The thief took the bottle, but left the box and documentation behind, which will make it difficult to sell to a collector. The bottle was #53 in the series, and that’s engraved on the bottle.

Stockholm police took a report, but did not interview any of the security guards on duty overnight or anyone else in connection with the theft, and plans no investigation unless someone comes forward with information! Thomas says that if the bottle is returned (I know, not a chance in hell that it would happen), that he would drop the police report with no questions asked.”

Many thanks to Mark at www.whiskycast.com for this update.

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