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Finally, a quick news letter for you all. We promised we wouldn’t bombard you, but I am beginning to feel that if we sent any less, you may have us up for dereliction of duty.

As you have requested, I am giving you a heads up that Chapter 7 and 10 are now in our shop and on the website. Both Chapter 7 & 10 will come in our lovely ibisco decanters once again and will be limited in numbers for the 2010 release.

New Launches


Chapter 7 has been finished in rum casks. Below are the professional tasting notes done by David , our head distiller. My own amateur notes are: Imagine eating Rum & Raisin Ice cream whilst having a glass of whisky. We are selling these for £49.99

Nose: Sweet, soft & slightly spicy. A mixture of vanilla and rum and raisin ice cream, fresh and citrusy with a hint of tropical fruits. Slightly nutty with a hint of marzipan.

Taste: Very soft again with citrus notes. Slight peppery spice with a hint of raisins. Malty with a hint of fresh wood. Salty and dry on the finish. Slightly nutty.

Chapter 10 this is our whisky that has been fully matured in Olorossa casks. It has an amazingly deep colour and such a traditional rich taste. If you are a traditionalist and struggle to find a decent sherry whisky these days – then this is the one for you. We are selling these for £49.99

Nose: Quite heavy with raisins and dried fruit. Rich fruit cake, Christmas pudding with wine gums, dates with a hint of marzipan. A delicate waft of aniseed breezes in after a while.

Taste: Again very fruity, rosehip syrup. Citrus fruits. Full bodied and quite chewy with a long, fruity finish. Very dry.

Other news:

 Some of you may be aware and others won’t be that when we bottle a limited run, we have to guess the amount of liquid in a cask, then print the labels accordingly ready for bottling. Invariably we have a little left over. This applies to Chapter 5 & Chapter 8. Obviously there will be no more numbered decanters but we have decided to put these last few drops into 200ml bottles as I am aware that some of you have missed out on the odd chapter and would like to complete your collections. Therefore if any of you need a small bottle of CH5 or CH8 please let us know. This is limited to one bottle per person, and only to those of you who didn’t manage to get a full bottle in the first place. These will be £20 each and won’t be on our website until you have all had a chance to respond.

 We have started delivering our baby 30ltr casks full of 3yr old whisky at 59.2% approx to those of you who have purchased. We have quite a few of these, so if anyone else feels having their own cask of whisky at home would be fun, please give us a ring or email and we will let you know any details. These are £1200 all in. Come and collect one or we can get it to you.

 Finally we have launched a new wooden gift box, that holds a 20cl bottle and 2 glasses, or 2 bottles and 2 glasses or even 3 bottles. Lots of options and different prices. If you are stuck for Christmas presents – look no further!

Some technical info:

For those of you that participate we have a new Facebook page. Could I ask existing English Whisky Society members to sign up to the new page, so we can get the old one shut down. We would be delighted if the remainder of you signed up as well as this is a great way to keep you informed of what we are up to. The new link is English Whisky Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Roudham-United-Kingdom/English-Whisky-Co/160291333996827?ref=search

As usual, if you are bored by my ramblings please email Sarah on office@englishwhisky.co.uk and tell her you don’t want to receive any more emails from us. Alternatively you could always email her and tell her who else would like to hear from us.

Kind Regards


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  1. whiskymad says:

    Feel very lucky to have obtained a bottle of chapters 7 and 10.

    Usually impossible to get hands on a bottle such a rare and limited batch. Was sure that all would have been snapped up by collectors and speculators before I got a chance to purchase but I have beaten the race on this occassion!

    Many thanks to then men at St Georges !!!

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