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The Shackleton South Pole Whisky now in New Zealand – whisky off the rocks

There’s been interest in this since last year when I mentioned it the Shackleton whisky in a podcast ( ), a video and a blog post People have been asking me constantly “when will Shackleton’s whisky be available? What’s the latest? Is it off the South Pole yet? How much for a bottle?”

And now I can answer at least part of that because the whisky is now off the South Pole with pictures and video…

Click here to view the embedded video.

There’s a press release attached to this link and a blog has also been set up– which has up to the date information (and the IT types have put a feed in at the side of the page as well for it I’m told).

There’s also some brand new video footage here and here (Sorry I can’t embed them).

So what’s new?

One of the crates – weighing 50 kilos! – has been removed and placed carefully in a cool room, which has been specially constructed at Canterbury Museum, Christchurch, New Zealand. Now, they’ve done this quite clever in a way that allows the public to see first-hand the process as conservators firstly raise the temperature in a controlled process to above freezing point and then defrost the crate to see if a dram or two of one of the world’s oldest and coolest whisky still remains.


This is going to be a bit of a time consuming process. You don’t just whack the temperature up by a degree a day, it’s slower than that. Why is it slower than that? To try and preserve as much of the original flavour, look and texture of the whisky instead of just quickly defrosting it and shredding the whisky.


So it’s going to be in there for a while as it comes back to more normal temperatures.

And all of that is just the first step, but we’re being patient here. The whisky has waited for a while so we can wait a little bit longer. Don’t get me wrong I’d love to have my hands on it tomorrow, but patience is a virtue (so they tell me).

So when are you nosing it, when can I buy it, what will happen to the bottles and the crate? Easy, easy! The first step is to make sure that it thaws OK – and it’s in good hands at the moment so that should take place smoothly – after that it will be a case of getting down there when possible, taking the time to nose it and sample it properly to try and capture as much of the essence as possible.

Then the company will decide what’s to happen, so hold on to your pennies for now – or go buy a bottle of Whyte & Mackay while waiting! If there’s something to go on sale then the odds are that it won’t be this year.

And once we’ve tested, nosed and sampled, the original crate will head back to the ice.

Trust me, I’m as excited as you – if not more so – on this and I really can’t wait. But I have to. We all will.

(From Richard Paterson)


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