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The Irishman Tasting Notes


Did you know….

…that Martine Nouet of Whisky Magazine in France has put together the following tasting notes on The Irishman?

The Irishman 70 Potstill

Nose: Fruity, fresh lemon and a hint of freshly cut grass

Palate: Ginger at first, then followed by a fruit explosion with touches of      green apples

Finish: Smooth, fruity, spicy and lingering

The Irishman Single Malt

Nose: Citrus, lemon, sweet and creamy

Palate: It goes straight to the roof of the mouth, sweet fruit, red fruits (reflecting the sherry cask finish) with a hint of passion fruit, dried cereal, almonds and honey

Finish: Cloying, drier, warm and extremely well balanced

 Let us know what you think. We would be delighted to send a bottle of The Irishman Single Malt as a prize for the most creative and meaningful tasting notes for The Irishman Single Malt notes we receive from a whisk(e)y club. Drop us an e-mail with full mailing address and the name of your whisk(e)y club…and of course your tasting notes for The Irishman Single Malt.



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