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World-Famous Treasure Hunt Resurrected

Canadians and Americans invited to join international search for missing case of Canadian Club® Whisky and vie for $100,000 in prize money

The 40-year-old international treasure hunt that motivated adventure-seekers from around the world to search for hidden Canadian Club Whisky cases in remote locales – from the North Pole to Mt. Kilimanjaro to the Great Barrier Reef – is back on, with a big new twist. The campaign will give four brave Canadians (and four Americans) the opportunity to embark upon the adventure of a lifetime in search of the lost Canadian Club treasure and compete for the chance to bring home US$100,000 in prize money.

“At least two dozen cases of Canadian Club Whisky were hidden around the world as part of the brand’s hugely popular Hide A Case Adventure, starting in 1967,” says Dorene Wharton, Marketing Director, Beam Global Canada Inc. “Not all of the cases have been found…and we’re thrilled to reactivate this exciting campaign by inviting those with a penchant for adventure to join the hunt for one of the undiscovered cases – and the chance to win $100,000.”

Well-known Canadian and international adventurer Kevin Brauch, popular the world over for his roles as TV’s Thirsty Traveler and floor reporter on Iron Chef America, has been chosen as lead adventurer for the new program. In his latest role, Brauch unveiled details of the 2010 Hide A Case Adventure at news conferences in Toronto and New York City and, in April 2011, he will lead eight lucky Canadian and American participants to a secret, exotic location where they will hunt for one of the missing cases.

“The CC Hide A Case Adventure grabbed international headlines and captured the imagination of people from around the world – all before the advent of the internet and reality style television,” says Brauch. “We expect the scope of the 2010 edition to generate plenty of buzz and participation…and even some friendly rivalry between Canadians and Americans.”

Adventurous types can register online now at to vie for one of the coveted eight spots on the expedition. Starting today, the web site will feature the first of six weekly challenges in which participants will use their creativity, brain power and speed to win points and discern clues as they try to advance through Round One. Those who receive 50 or more points will move into Round Two where they will be asked to post an online video to illustrate why they should get a chance to join the CC Hide A Case expedition. In July, the top 30 videos will be put before a panel of judges and an online vote to help narrow the playing field down to four Canadians and four Americans. In April 2011, these eight participants will join Brauch and head off to parts unknown – they will compete against each other in a series of Amazing Race-style challenges designed uncover the hidden location of the elusive hidden case of Canadian Club Whisky.*

From 1967 through 1991, the Canadian Club Hide A Case Adventure saw 25 cases of Canada’s famous whisky hidden in extraordinary locations across the United States and all over the world, including: Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania; Angel Falls in Venezuela; the Swiss Alps; the reputed site of the lost Dutchman mine in Arizona; the Arctic Circle; California’s Death Valley; and even atop a skyscraper in Manhattan. To date, 16 of the hidden cases have been discovered – many of them found with the help of clues revealed in a series of Canadian Club print advertisements published in the 60s, 70s and 80s.

The original Canadian Club Hide A Case campaign goes down as one of most memorable adventures of all time and one of the longest-running promotional campaigns in history. Hide A Case made Canadian Club a household name all over the world and cemented its position as a brand revered by adventure-seekers everywhere. The 2010 edition takes the campaign to a penultimate level where the adventure is larger than life and the potential payoff is larger still.

“Whether your idea of adventure is an exotic international journey to track down hidden treasure, or just a night out with the guys, CC’s Hide A Case Adventure won’t disappoint,” says Brauch. “We’ll see you at the Finish Line!”

*No purchase necessary, must be 21 years of age or older to enter, void where prohibited, subject to complete rules available at


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  1. Hi There,
    I’m one of the 15 Canadian Finalist hoping to go on “the adventure of a lifetime, exploring exotic locations, trekking through uninhabited and unusual lands, racing the clock to solve the clues and find the elusive case,”
    You can check my video out at
    Vote Doug Vanderby for Team Canada!!


    Doug Vanderby

  2. Just an update:

    I am happy to say I made the Final Four.
    Thanks to all who voted.

    Doug Vanderby
    Team Canada

  3. admin10 says:

    Well done Doug!

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