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The starting point for any great whisky is the new make spirit. The liquid that comes off the still is, literally, the essence of single malt Scotch whisky. I’ve always thought we make excellent spirit and that we should sell it. At last, the powers that be have seen sense.

As you know, Highland Park is the most respected single malt in the world: Earl Magnus winning New Release of the Year at the World Whisky Awards 2010 is simply the latest in a long line of awards for every expression we produce.

This wouldn’t happen without the highest quality spirit. It always surprises me by its freshness and complexity; the spirit already features the trademark balance between sweetness and peat. Highland Park’s spirit forms the DNA of the flawless character of every expression of our award-winning whiskies. Now you can taste it for yourself…

It is distinctively aromatic, full-bodied and floral. Orkney peat – thousands of years old and based on hardy heather – imparts wonderful honey sweetness. The shape of the stills, coupled with the expertise of our stillman, emphasises the delicious fruity flavour.

The judicious addition of water assists in the revelation of the sprit’s complexity; peat, pear drops and freshly cut grass are immediately obvious. These flavours develop until the arrival of a lingering, smoky aftertaste which gently dries the mouth.

Highland Park New Make Spirit is being sold reduced to 50% abv. Why reduced, you ask? Well, although we sell whiskies at a higher strength than this, they are at a much higher price. At £20 for a 35cl bottle we would not like to be thought of as being socially irresponsible by bottling at full strength.

Highland Park New Make Spirit is available exclusively from our secure on-line store and the distillery.

For more information on the Best Spirit in the World visit www.highlandpark.co.uk

Whisky Brand Ambassador of the Year, 2010


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