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Father’s Day is right around the corner, and like every year, sons and daughters across the country will be on the look-out for the perfect Father’s Day gift that will make their Dads proud. Johnnie Walker has some ideas on how to make sure they get it right this year.
To make gift-giving easy this Father’s Day (forget the boring ties or lame “#1 Dad” t-shirts), we’ve identified a Walker for every type of Dad. Your choice will show that you understand Scotch whisky – and most importantly: your Dad’s tastes.

Johnnie Walker Red Label: Vibrant and bold, Red Label’s genuine taste is wonderful on its own, but also really adds character to a variety of cocktails. It’s a great gift for the energetic and spontaneous Dad who likes to mix things up!

Suggested Retail Price: $23 (750ml)

Johnnie Walker Black Label: Two hundred years in the making, Black Label is the signature blend from the House of Walker. Big whisky flavors with hints of rich fruit and smoke make this Scotch whisky the perfect gift for the Dad who stands strong as the cornerstone of his family. Its flavor is as unparalleled as Dad’s advice.

Suggested Retail Price: $34 (750ml)

Johnnie Walker Green Label: A unique blend of pure malts, Green Label combines the very best in the regional styles of Scotch. Each sip is a rich, sweeping tour of Scotland, making it the perfect gift for the adventurous Dad who loves to travel.

Suggested Retail Price: $60 (750ml)

Johnnie Walker Gold Label: Smooth, creamy and sweet, Gold Label is best served ice-cold as it releases luscious, palate-warming flavors, making this blend a great gift for the epicurean Dad who has an appetite for exploring new tastes.

Suggested Retail Price: $85 (750ml)

Johnnie Walker Blue Label: The rarest, most exceptional whisky from Johnnie Walker, Blue Label is the perfect gift for the Dad who expects the best and will settle for nothing less.

Custom, complimentary engraving is available on bottles of Blue Label nationally. Please visit http://johnnie-walker-blue.1-877-spirits.com.
Suggested Retail Price: $220 (750ml)


  1. Dalvey says:

    What a great idea! I think my dad would be gold label :)

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