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The 1st Sheffield Whisky Lounge Festival – Scotch Whisky News


The 1st Sheffield Whisky Lounge Festival
Cutlers Hall, Church Street, Sheffield, S1 1HG
Saturday June 5th 2010, 12.00pm

£16.00 / ticket

Come and meet the distillers and distributors who make it all happen. The great and the good of the whisky world converge on the beautiful setting of Cutlers’ Hall. You will have the opportunity to taste their wares, pick their brains and listen to their stories – all for the paltry sum of £16! As you wander in, you will be presented with a complimentary whisky tasting glass, worth £4, and a guide to the festival. You are then free to go from stand to stand chatting with the exhibitors as you sample drams from the following…

Gordon & MacPhail
Berry Brothers
Four Roses Bourbon
The Classic Malts of Scotland
Chivas Regal
Amrut Indian Whisky

Further exhibitors are to be announced as we receive their confirmations.
Tickets may be available on the door but we can of course make no guarantee of this.

Masterclasses (£5 each)

To be confirmed

Tickets may be purchased at

Master of Malt Delivers Samples – Scotch Whisky News


Sample the World’s Most Expensive Whiskies (on a Budget)

Online retailer and independent bottler, Master of Malt, have launched a revolutionary whisky sample service called ‘Drinks by the Dram’
For the first time ever, whisky lovers and drinks connoisseurs will be able to purchase inexpensive 3cl (30ml) samples of a rapidly growing range of Scotch whisky and other spirits from across the globe.

The inability to sample high-end drinks like Scotch whisky before making a purchase has been a clear stumbling block for online off-licenses since their emergence in the late 1990s. “Drinks by the Dram” neatly solves this problem allowing by connoisseurs and beginners alike to ‘try before they buy’ on a huge range of whiskies and other spirits.

Master of Malt’s Sales Director, Ben Ellefsen, explains that the idea originally grew out of an informal sample service for friends and staff:

“As pretty serious whisky fans ourselves, we wanted a way that we could sample new releases from our favourite distilleries and bottlers without the expense of committing to a whole bottle of each before we’d even tried it.

Drinks by the Dram started life as a way of allowing our staff and friends to compare and contrast a range of whiskies safe in the knowledge that the investment required was not one that was likely to land them in the dog-house on a semi-regular basis.”

He continues “We soon found the friends we gave samples to often came back and bought the rest of the bottle! When we showed the idea to the distilleries and brand owners, the reaction was so unequivocally positive we decided make the service available to our customers as well.

A few months down the line, and we’re starting to see excellent results, grateful customers, and slightly more haggard-looking employees… We hope to have several hundred drams available soon, and are currently working tirelessly to offer an even bigger selection for whisky fans everywhere.”

Try before you buy

One of the most exciting parts of the service is the wide range of samples available. The selection is vast, and numerous styles of spirits and whiskies are available; from 10 year old Bourbon, to 40 year old single malt Scotch whisky.

The range isn’t just high end malts though; there are samples of “everyday” whiskies, with prices starting from only GBP 1.95.

The drams are labeled with handmade paper, and each bottle individually wax dipped to seal it.

The initial range includes samples from many world famous brands including Glenfarclas, Bruichladdich and Edradour whisky distilleries, and several outstanding independent bottlers, including Murray McDavid; Renegade Rum; Alchemist; Signatory and The Vintage Malt Whisky Company.

The range is expanding rapidly, and there will be several hundred more samples available by the end of May, with over a thousand expected by Christmas. A full list of samples is available at:


About Drinks by the Dram

• Inexpensive 3cl (30ml) samples to try before you buy
• Revolutionary new concept in online drinks retail
• 100 drinks currently available as “drams” with over 200 expected by the end of May
• See a list of available drams at:

About Master of Malt

• Award winning Independent Bottler
• Online Whisky and Spirits retailer with over 25 years of experience.
• Website:

Follow Master of Malt on Twitter:
Keep up to date with whisky and spirits news on the Master of Malt blog:
Contact Ben Ellefsen, +44(0)1892-888-376,


Whisky Intelligence 2009 ‘Tasting Notes/Whisky Reviews’ Score Compilation


Please find below the some what tardy delivery of the Whisky Intelligence Tasting Notes/Whisky Reviews Scores for 2009. As you can appreciate W.I. has been mildy over tasked in 2010 posting hundreds and hundreds of articles relating to whisky.

This compilation is not in any regard an ‘Awards’ but merely a record from top to bottom of the whiskies reviewed in 2009. The vast majority have been purchased with private funds; a very few have been provided by agents or suppliers and are thus noted in the individual review. If you are curious to see which are the later, you may search through the Tasting Notes/Whisky Reviews archive and find them for yourself.

There is a distinct lack of neither rhyme nor reason in the compilation; they have merely been reviewed as they have come available. Some were new releases, some blends and some no longer available.

Additionally whiskies that have achieved an equal score (for example 88 points) have not been listed alphabetically merely to further demonstrate the lack of neither rhyme nor reason.

W.I. expects to publish the full 2010 Compilation in early 2011.

93 Dumbarton 42yo 1964/2007 (46.7%, Celtic Heartlands, 450 Bts.)
92 Bunnahabhain 37yo 1966 (40.3%, Bourbon, Murray McDavid for Willow Park Calgary, 186 Bottles)
91 Whyte & MacKay 30yo (40%, OB, +/- 2009)
90 Tamdhu 42yo (43.8%, Dewar Rattray for Calgary Co-op, HHD, C#6, 95 Bts., D01/’67 B03/’09)
90 Port Ellen 25yo 1982/2007 (57%, Signatory CS, refill sherry butt, C#2847, 417 Bts.,D11/’82 B12/’07)
90 Ardbeg 1990 ‘Airigh Nam Beist’ (46%, OB, 2006)
90 Bunnahabhain 31yo 1976/2008 (49.4%, Dewar Rattray, refill sherry butt, C#6223, 529 Bts.)
90 Laphroaig 18yo 1990/2008 (55%, Dewar Rattray, ‘Alberta’, C#2244, 265 Bts, 1st Fill Hogs Head)
90 Laphroaig 18yo (48%, OB, 2009)
90 Tullibardine 15yo 1992/2007 (46%, OB, C#737, Bourbon, Victoria Whisky Festival, 269 Bts)
89 Glen Grant 31yo 1976/2008 (58.6%, Douglas Laing Platinum Selection, Sherry, 196 Bts.12/’76 B02/’08)
89 Hazelburn 12yo (46%, OB, 12,000 Bts., 2009)
89 Isle of Arran 10yo 1998/2009 (57.7%, OB, ‘Sherry’, C#819, 319 Bts., D29/6/’98 B24/6/’09)
89 Glendronach 18yo (46%, OB, ‘Allardice’)
89 Mortlach 12yo 1994/2007 (50%, Douglas Laing OMC, Ref#3554, 654 Bts., D07/’94 B05/’07)
89 Glenlivet 21yo (43%, G&M ‘George & J.G. Smith’)
89 Glen Elgin 12yo (43%, OB, +/- 2007)
88 Tullibardine 16yo 1993/2009 (54.5%, OB, for Kensington, Pedro Ximenez Sherry, C#15081, 332 Bts)
88 Springbank 10yo 1995/2006 (46%, The Alchemist, D12/’95 B01/’06)
88 Poit Dhub 8yo Unchilfiltered Gaelic Whisky (43%, OB, +/-2008)
88 McCarthy’s 3yo Oregon Single Malt (42.5%, OB, ‘Peated’, Batch #Wo9-01, B3/08/’09)
88 Laphroaig 10yo (40%, OB, +/-2007)
88 Classic of Islay 21yo (46%, Vintage Malt Whisky Company)
88 Glenallachie 11yo 1989/2001 (61.7%, Cadenhead’s, Bourbon HHD, 312 Bts.)
88 Balmenach 14yo (40%, The Inverarity Ancestral, Sherry cask)
88 Laphroaig 8yo 1998/2007 (46%, Douglas McGibbon & Co. Ltd Provenance, Cask #’s 3868 & 3869)
88 Bowmore 15yo Darkest (43%, OB, New presentation, 2007)
88 Port Charlotte 2001/2008 ‘PC7’ (61%, OB, Bourbon and Sherry casks, 24000 Bts.)
88 Benromach 1968/2007 (43%, OB)
88 Octomore 5yo (63.5%, Edition, 01.1,6000 Bottles, 2008)
88 An Cnoc 12yo (40%, OB, +/-2008)
88 Springbank 18yo (46%, OB, 2009)
88 The Whisky Exchange “Straight from the Cask” NAS Celebration 60.1% 50cl
88 Amrut NAS Cask Strength (61.9%, OB, Bottled Sept, 2007) Indian Single Malt Whisky
88 Linkwood 17yo 1990/2008 (55.5%, Signatory, Binny’s Beverage Depot, C#9724, Sherry Hogshead, 232 Bts)
88 Glen Grant 25yo (40%, G&M, +/-2008)
88 Bowmore 17yo 1991/2008 (55.9%, Dewar Rattray, West Coast Whisky Society, Sherry, C#2058, 206 Bottles)
87 Imperial 14yo 1994/2008 (46%, Duncan Taylor, Whisky Galore, Madeira)
87 Benromach 10yo (43%, OB, 2009)
87 Grant’s NAS ‘The Family Reserve’ (40%, OB, +/-2009)
87 Bowmore 10yo (55.3%, OB, Tempest Batch No.1, 2009)
87 Fettercairn 13yo (50%, DL OMC, Refill HHD, |C# 1327, 289 Bts., D03/91 B01/05)
87 Ben Nevis 8yo (43%, Duncan Taylor, Battlehill, +/-2009)
87 Ardbeg NAS ‘Supernova’ (58.9%, OB, Advance Committee Release, 2009)
87 Old Pulteney 12yo (40%, OB, +/-2008)
87 Ledaig 18yo 1990/2008 (43%, G&M Connoisseurs Choice, Refill sherry)
87 BenRiach 15yo (46%, OB, Madeira, +/-2008)
87 Glenmorangie ASTAR NAS (57.1%, OB, +/-2008)
87 Aberlour NAS A’bunadh Batch #23 (60.2%, OB, +/- 2008)
87 Scotch Malt Whisky Society of America Balmenach 17yo 55.8% Distilled April 1989 Bottled May 2006 Society Cask 48.8
86 Rosebank 18yo 1990/2008 (50%, Douglas Laing OMC, Refill Butt, C#4655, 672 Bts)
86 Kilchoman NAS (46%, OB, Inaugural Release, 2009)
86 Bruichladdich 2001/2008 ‘Resurrection’ (46%, OB, Bourbon, 24000 Bts.)
86 Balvenie 12yo (40%, Signature batch No. 001, +/-2008)
86 Tobermory 11yo 1995/2007 (59.9%, Dewar Rattray, Bourbon, C#1161, 155 Bts.)
86 Glentauchers 12yo 1994/2007 (50%, DL OMC, HHD, C#3364, 354 Bts)
86 Finlaggan NAS Islay ‘Old Reserve’ (40%, Vintage Malt Whisky Co, +/-2008)
86 Clynelish 10yo 1996/2006 (59.7%, Dewar Rattray, Cask#8251, Refill Sherry, 577 Bottles)
86 Springbank 11yo 1997/2009 ‘Madeira Wood’ (55.1%, OB, 9,090 Bts.)
86 Benriach 12yo 1994/2007 (46%, Signatory, C#1692+93, 747 Bts)
86 Balblair Vintage 1989/2007 (43%, OB)
86 Tomintoul 14yo (46%, OB, 2009)
86 Longmorn 16yo (48%, OB, +/-2008) Lot 2008/05/12 12:22 LW30509
86 Glencadam 10yo (46%, OB, +/- 2009)
85 Mortlach 18yo 1990/2009 (46%, Coopers Choice, Sherry, C#4421, 726 Bts.)
85 Kilkerran NAS ‘Work in Progress’ (46%, OB, 2009)
85 Imperial 9yo (43%, Duncan Taylor, Battlehill, +/-2008)
85 MacLeod’s Isle of Skye 8yo (43%, Ian MacLeod, +/-2009, 750ml)
85 Clynelish 11yo 1994/2005 (46%, Murray McDavid, Bourbon/Viognier, 1800 Bts.)
85 Isle of Arran 4yo 2004/2008 (59.8%, OB, Peated, Bourbon, C#103, 225 Bts.)    
85 Balblair Vintage 1997/2007 (43%, OB)
84 Dewar’s NAS (40%, OB, “White Label”, +/- 2009)
84 Bruichladdich 19yo 1989/2009 (51.1%, ‘Black Art’, 6000 Bts.)
84 Tomintoul 12yo (40%, OB, Oloroso, +/- 2008)
84 Macallan 8yo 1998/2007 (46%, Douglas Laing Provenance, ref#3837 + 3838)
84 Black Grouse NAS (40%, OB, 2008)
84 Benriach 12yo ‘Arumaticus Fumosus’ (46%, OB, Peated Jamaican Dark Rum Finish, 1740 Bts.)
84 Miltonduff 8yo (43%, Duncan Taylor, Battlehill)
84 Tullibardine 21yo 1987/2008 (54.6%, OB, for Kensington, Refill Sherry Hogs Head, C#632, 191 Bottles)
83 Port Ellen 23yo 1982/2005 (46%, DL Provenance, C#1754, Sherry, D04/’84 B05/’05)
83 Springbank 13yo 1995/2008 (55.4%, MMcD Mission, Bourbon/Lafite, 282 Bts.)
83 Dalmore 12yo (40%, OB, +/-2009)
83 Finlaggan NAS Islay ‘Cask Strength’ (58%, Vintage Malt Whisky Co, +/-2008)
83 Adelphi 22yo 1985 ‘Breath of the Highlands’ (55.2%, Adelphi, C#1066, 159 Bottles.)
83 Bruichladdich 10yo 1998/2008 (46%, OB, ‘Manzanilla’)
83 Tobermory 10yo, 1995/2005 (46%, Murray McDavid, Fresh Sherry, 2400 Bottles)
83 Isle of Arran 10yo 1998/2008 (57.5%, OB, Bourbon, C#678, 216 Bts.)    
83 Mortlach 25yo 1979/2005 (46%, Coopers Choice)
83 Port Ellen 24yo 1982/2007 (60.6%, Dewar Rattray, Sherry, C#2466, 188 Bottles)
82 Whyte & Mackay NAS ‘Special’ (40%, OB, “Double Marriage Blend”+/-2009)
82 Macallan 14yo 1991/2005 (46%, The Alchemist, D04/’99 B07/’05)
82 Linkwood 23yo 1983/2006 (52.1%, Murray McDavid Mission Gold, Madeira casks fin., 700 Bts.)
82 Royal Lochnagar 12yo 1996/2008 (40%, OB, Distillers Edition, RL/96-8S “Old Muscat”)
82 Coleburn 1981/2006 (43%, G&M, Connoisseurs Choice, ‘Map Label’)
82 Strathisla 48yo 1960/2008 (43%, G&M)
82 Isle of Arran 12yo (46%, OB, +/- 2008)
82 Singleton of Glendullan 12yo (40%, OB, 750ml, 2008)
80 Bell’s NAS ‘Original’ (40%, OB, +/-2009)
80 Glenfiddich 12yo ‘Caoran Reserve’ (40%, OB, +/-2003)
80 Highland Park 10yo 1997/2007 (46%, Duncan Taylor, NC2)
80 Tobermory 12yo 1995/2007 (46%, Duncan Taylor Whisky Galore)
80 Ardmore NAS ‘Traditional Casks’ (46%, OB, peated, finished in quarter casks, +/-2008)
80 Auchentoshan 8yo (43%, Duncan Taylor, Battlehill, +/- 2008)
79 Auchroisk 15yo 1992/2007 (46%, MMcD, Bourbon/Syrah, 2050 Bts.)
78 Glenturret 13yo 1993/2006 (56.4%, Dewar Rattray, C#172, 311 Bottles.)
77 Allt A’Bhainne 15yo 1992 (46%, MMcD, Bourbon, 350 Bts., +/-2007)
76 Clynelish 9yo 1997/2006 (46%, Coopers Choice)
76 Ardbeg NAS ‘Blasda’ (40%, OB, lightly peated, 2008)
76 Deanston 12yo 46.3% Un-chill filtered Official Bottling
75 Tobermory 10yo (40%, OB, +/-2008)
72 Glenrothes 13yo 1994/2007 (46%, Signatory, Refill Sherry, C#1086, 780 Bts)
68 Tamnavulin 12yo 1994/2007 (46%, DL Provenance, HHD Ref# 3362 & 3363)

Scotch Malt Whisky Society June Previews: Wet Your Whistle Savings – Scotch Whisky News


June Previews: Wet Your Whistle Savings
66.31 only£28.50 with ANY Preview Pair

Wet your whistle before the rest of the herd this June. Buy Preview Pairs 1.153 & 44.44 for only £79 (save £10.90) OR 1.153 & 27.80 for only £86 (save £10.40)..AND buy 66.31 for £28.50 (save an extra £11.70).

1.153 A cornucopia of mellifluous sweetness
Speyside Spey
£42.20 inc. Free P&P
Chocolates, toffee, coconut, currant buns, millionaire shortbread, biscuit box and manuka honey. Hints of menthol, mint and smoke prevented it floating away like candy floss on a summer’s breeze
Age: 9 years            Cask:  First-fill ex-bourbon barrel

44.44 Continental brunch
Speyside Spey
£47.70 inc. Free P&P
Fruity with baked apples, oranges and limes, followed by a green house (flower stems, hints of compost), leather saddles and musky horsehair.
Age: 9 years            Cask:  First-fill ex-bourbon barrel

27.80 Old hemp ropes in a fishing boat
£54.20 inc. Free P&P
We were sniffing and imagining all sorts – oilskin coats, lobster boxes, freshly dug soil and balls of wool; sage, heather, linseed oil and polish. “National Geographic magazines in a bothy” and “old hemp ropes in a fishing boat” will give a flavour
Age: 13 years            Cask:  Refill ex-bourbon hogshead

And with *ANY Preview Pair…66.31 for only £28.50

66.31 Apples at Hallowe’en
Speyside Deveron
£28.50* inc. Free P&P (save an extra £11.70)
Smoked cheese, charred apples on a barbecue, toffee apples and cinnamon sticks; a hint of sulphur and a taste of sweet brown apples and wet fruit wood ash
Age: 11 years            Cask:  Refill ex-sherry butt

Offer Ends: Thu 3 June, or until we sell out

SIX June Outturn Previews
@ Aberdeen Mal & Birmingham & Brighton Hotel du Vin
Be amongst the first members to sample six preview drams from June Outturn. Fom Mon 31 May, SIX new June drams will preview behind the bar at Aberdeen Malmaison and Birmingham and Brighton Hotel du Vin. 

SMWS Whisky Tasting & Events
New Outturn Open Tasting – London, Sat 5 Jun
New Outturn & Sunday Roast Tasting – The Vaults, Sun 6 Jun
New Outturn Open Tasting – London, Mon 7 Jun
Whisky & Gems with Nicholas James – London, Wed 9 Jun
Whisky & Diamonds with Eric Emms – London, Thu 10 Jun
Taste of Islay London Cruise – Edwardian Cruise Boat, Thu 17 Jun
Two Distilleries, One Day Tour – The Vaults, Sat 19 Jun
Blend Your Own Whisky Lunch – The Vaults, Sun 20 Jun
Wokingham Preview Sensory Tasting – Cantley House, Thu 24 Jun
Dundee Preview Tasting – Hilton Hotel, Fri 25 Jun
Inverness Preview Tasting – Kingsmills Hotel, Fri 25 Jun

Visit to join the Society and for the opportunity to buy Society whiskies for yourself!

WhiskyCast Episode #262 Islay Festival (Feis Ile) – Scotch Whisky News


Ardbeg has the final distillery day of the annual Islay Festival of Malt & Music, and even though there wasn’t a full-size roller coaster on hand for the carnival Ardbeg threw, there was a full-proof Rollercoaster — the special bottling marking the 10th anniversary of the Ardbeg Committee. Today was also the official debut of the 2010 version of Supernova, and you’ll get tasting notes in this episode, hear from some of the 300-plus people who started lining up last night to get the Ardbeg Feis Ile bottling, and listen as I get up close and personal with some peat.

Opening of The Glenlivet Distillery Expansion (Update) – Scotch Whisky News



It has been announced that Their Royal Highnesses The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall (or The Duke and Duchess of Rothesay as they are known in Scotland) will open a new expansion to The Glenlivet Distillery on Friday 4th June 2010.

Completed earlier this year, the new facility will deliver a 75% increase in production capacity to satisfy future global demand for The Glenlivet single malt Scotch whisky.

Great care has been taken to ensure that we carry on tradition in the new distillery, keeping the wash backs made of Oregon Pine and the six new stills are an exact replica of the old. This ensures that we continue to produce whisky of the same exceptional quality, refinement and delicacy of flavour for which The Glenlivet is renowned.




To show you around the new-look distillery, we’ve created a new distillery section on our website, which includes a timeline devoted to the history of The Glenlivet from its foundation to the present. For the most up to date distillery news why not follow us on Twitter.  
 A time-capsule will be buried in which we’ll store the thoughts and mementos of those who are directly involved with the production of The Glenlivet such as our Master Distiller, and brand ambassadors, as well as the local community.

We would like to welcome your messages for The Glenlivet Time Capsule, so if you have a story or any personal observations you’d like to contribute click on Time Capsule Submission ( A selection of them will go into the time capsule – meaning your reminiscences could be stored for generations to come.

 Kindest regards, 
 The Glenlivet

Adelphi Distillery May 2010 Special Dancy Man Society Newsletter & Bottling – Scotch Whisky News


Dear all,
A busy month is coming to an end. We started at the Speyside Whisky Festival, as always a great success and many thanks to all those who visited our table! Then, a re-scheduled visit to Switzerland (thanks to previous volcanic activity) and a chance to show a sample of the new Liddesdale 18yr old which is due to be bottled in 2 weeks time (next month’s offer) – I took the sample to the private whisky club of one of Europe’s finest hotels, Les Trois Rois in Basel. Every 2 months 12 members meet, bringing with them an indisclosed whisky to match the theme of the night. Last Wednesday the theme was, appropriately, Independent Bottlers, and we tasted a great range of whiskies from a wide selection of bottlers including examples of Port Ellen, Bowmore, Glenrothes, Highland Park and Rosebank. The tasting was completely blind and I am delighted to announce that the Liddesdale was the highest scoring whisky of the evening. This is great feedback for us as we have tried, with the Fascadale, Laudale, Liddesdale range, to bring whiskies to the market that are both very approachable and yet still complex and full of flavour.
As promised, this month’s offer is for the Fascadale Batch 2.
Like Batch 1,  the 2nd batch is a limited edition Single Malt of just 10 hogesheads from an undisclosed Island distillery, bottled at 10yrs old and reduced to a very drinkable 46% vol. In true Adelphi style, the whisky is unchill-filtered and left at natural colour.
Tasting note:

1 of only 3746 bottles

A specially selected 10 cask batch from a single Island distillery, this highlights the best of the West – “ship’s haven”, Fascadale lies on the north-west point of the rugged, and timeless, Ardnamurchan peninsula. Its hidden, pebbled beach looks West and North towards the islands of Eigg, Rum, Muck and Skye. Whispered tales of smuggling abound…

White pepper, smoked bacon and sticking plasters. Flapjacks on the beach, with a large pinch of rock salt and a good dose of chilli pepper and licorice.

The Dancey Man Offer price is £35.00 inc. VAT per bottle or £200.00 inc. VAT per case of 6.
Please let me know if you would like to order any. I will aim to relay your orders to the warehouse, but there may be a slight delay as I will be communicating from Down Under for the next 17 days – a report on this trip next month as well…
Best wishes,
Alex Bruce
Sales & Marketing Director
Adelphi Distillery Ltd.
Tel/Fax: +44 (0) 1383 872 548
Mobile: +44 (0) 7795 424 838
Skype: alex.bruce


WhiskyCast Episode #261 Islay Festival (Feis Ile) – Scotch Whisky News


The road to Bunnahabhain Distillery is four miles long, and full of twists and turns. The views are stunning, though…and the whisky’s pretty good, too. This is Bunnahabhain’s day during the Islay Festival of Malt and Music, and we’ll hear from the new distillery manager, Andrew Brown, along with stillman Robin Morton. There’s music from the Scottish boy band Skerryvore, and much more on this episode from Islay.

Father’s Day Ideas From Johnnie Walker – Scotch Whisky News


Father’s Day is right around the corner, and like every year, sons and daughters across the country will be on the look-out for the perfect Father’s Day gift that will make their Dads proud. Johnnie Walker has some ideas on how to make sure they get it right this year.
To make gift-giving easy this Father’s Day (forget the boring ties or lame “#1 Dad” t-shirts), we’ve identified a Walker for every type of Dad. Your choice will show that you understand Scotch whisky – and most importantly: your Dad’s tastes.

Johnnie Walker Red Label: Vibrant and bold, Red Label’s genuine taste is wonderful on its own, but also really adds character to a variety of cocktails. It’s a great gift for the energetic and spontaneous Dad who likes to mix things up!

Suggested Retail Price: $23 (750ml)

Johnnie Walker Black Label: Two hundred years in the making, Black Label is the signature blend from the House of Walker. Big whisky flavors with hints of rich fruit and smoke make this Scotch whisky the perfect gift for the Dad who stands strong as the cornerstone of his family. Its flavor is as unparalleled as Dad’s advice.

Suggested Retail Price: $34 (750ml)

Johnnie Walker Green Label: A unique blend of pure malts, Green Label combines the very best in the regional styles of Scotch. Each sip is a rich, sweeping tour of Scotland, making it the perfect gift for the adventurous Dad who loves to travel.

Suggested Retail Price: $60 (750ml)

Johnnie Walker Gold Label: Smooth, creamy and sweet, Gold Label is best served ice-cold as it releases luscious, palate-warming flavors, making this blend a great gift for the epicurean Dad who has an appetite for exploring new tastes.

Suggested Retail Price: $85 (750ml)

Johnnie Walker Blue Label: The rarest, most exceptional whisky from Johnnie Walker, Blue Label is the perfect gift for the Dad who expects the best and will settle for nothing less.

Custom, complimentary engraving is available on bottles of Blue Label nationally. Please visit
Suggested Retail Price: $220 (750ml)


Kensington Calgary – New Arrivals & Recent Arrivals – Scotch Whisky News


Here are some of the new whiskies that are expected over the next couple of weeks:

1.       Laphroaig 10Yr – Only expecting 12 bottles. 1/customer. – $57.49

2.       Nikka From the Barrel – $53.49

3.       Miyagiko 12 – $119.49

4.       Takesuru 21 – World’s Best Blend 2010 Re: Whisky Mag – $139.49

5.       Arran Pomerol Finish – $76.99 – Already Here

6.       Arran Pinot Noir Finish – $76.99 – Already Here

7.       Compass Box Spice Tree – The Whisky the SWA tried to ban.  Really  amazing colour and complexity. – $63.99 – Already Here

8.       Royal Lochnagar Distillers Edition 2009 – $85.99



Andrew Ferguson
KWM Scotchguy

1257 Kensington Rd. NW
Calgary, AB, Canada
T2N 3P8

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