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Loch Fyne Whiskies has stocked two Signatory Vintage Bottlings

Springbank 1969 40yo Signatory
54.4% abv
£585.00 inc vat
£497.87 ex vat

Magnificently presented 40yo.

Distilled 12 February 1969

Bottled 14 September 2009

Matured in a Refill Sherry Butt no. 263

Limited to 356 bottles.

‘Deep amber in colour, the whisky is rich and powerful, with marmalade – Seville oranges to the fore, with dried fruit peel followed by a delicate almond nuttiness. The finish is long and rewarding.’



Glenugie 1977 32yo Signatory
58.6% abv
£136.50 inc vat
£116.17 ex vat

Distilled: 15 October 1977

Bottled: 19 March 2010

Cask no: 1

Matured in hogsheads and finished in Oloroso butts for 90 months.

Limited to 670 bottles.

Here’s a real room-filling whisky. The sherry-style aroma fills all nooks and crannies like cigar smoke in a snooker room, clinging to your clothes and hair in the way you don’t want chip-fat to.

A big rich whisky; some minty, lavender notes and plenty of dry wood (tea-caddy) and slight smoke, a cigar malt if you must and an ace for me. (LFW Comments)


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