Details of the Laphroaig 2010 CÀIRDEAS Feis Ile Bottling – Scotch Whisky News


“This MASTER edition of CÀIRDEAS, which means ‘friendship’ in Gaelic, is a masterful harmony of spirit ranging from 11 to 19 YEARS OF AGE.  It was specifically selected by Laphroaig Master Blender Robert Hicks in celebration of the 2010 Feis Ile and our Friends of Laphroaig worldwide.”

And the back label:

“The spirit from hogshead, combined with the ex-bourbon barrels, have created a truly distinctive Laphroaig with a complex, fruity nose which then gives way to a surprising peat explosion in the mouth, tempered by softer, sweeter, notes.”

Going online to friends.  Beginning of June   £45  3 bottles max per person

1000 – Distillery-sold in the Visitor Centre

4000 – online

Visit Laphroaig Distillery at

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