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Press Release

Amrut Distilleries Ltd 27th February 2010 Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK Amrut Distillery is pleased to announce the release of Amrut Single Malt Whisky ‘Double Cask’ Bottling. These are the oldest casks that are ever bottled at Amrut Distilleries. The two casks in question are aged little over seven years in the tropics. It is against all the odds. Maturing for these long in Bangalore, India is rather a one off affair. we are not sure if we would be able to do this again without compromising the balance. These casks are intact without losing the balance.

As usual the ‘Angels of Bangalore’ were the real beneficiary. The total maturation loss or angel’s share was a whopping 201 liters between the two casks. The total fill volume was 180 liters each. We are left with a paltry 159 liters in total for both the casks combined. In a percentage terms the total maturation loss was 59%! The alcohol strength on these casks went up from 62.5% to 69.8%. It is one of those special bottling from our distillery.

Nothing has been done against the nature. This is neither chi filtered nor coloured. Combining these two casks provided an ultimate balance and texture.

The key characters of this whisky are honey and vanilla custard combined with pepper and spicy oak on the nose with a hint of floral edge. On the palate it got a velvety texture, lots of citrus (orange) combined with natural caramel and spicy with pretty long finish.

To appreciate the texture and balance the casks are bottled at 46% abv and the total bottling is 306 bottles. This will go on to sale in Europe and Western Canada. The actual sale in Europe will commence in April 2010 and in Canada (Alberta and British Columbia) in June 2010. For Further Information Contact:, Tel-+44-191 2336316


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