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Announcing Whyte & Mackay Whisky Auction Fundraisers for Haiti

(This from Richard Paterson);

Everyone has been touched by what’s happened in Haiti and here at Whyte & Mackay we’d like to do our bit to try and help. To that end, we’ve teamed up with Oxfam to offer a couple of auctions that you can access via ebay.

The first is for a full week’s stay on the Jura Lodge on the isle of Jura, where up to eight people can stay for a week, enjoying the scenery and sounds of the beautiful island. They will also receive gift bottles of whisky and a tour of the distillery, learning more about the various Jura expressions including Superstition and Prophecy.

On top of the stay, Whyte & Mackay whisky will provide the transport (or the costs of) for the eight people to get to Jura.


Click this link for the auction for the Jura Lodge. http://tinyurl.com/yg57h8b

The second is for a chance to win me – not for keeping – but for me to come to an event you are putting on – or your home – and put on a whisky presentation, letting you try various expressions, learn more about whisky and generally have a good time. Again, there will be no cost to you. Whyte & Mackay will pick up all the travel and associated costs for me. Your only cost is the auction.


Click this link for the auction for the master blender tasting session. http://tinyurl.com/y8uahvw

Both of these are available to anyone who stays in the UK. That doesn’t stop people from outwith the UK bidding, it just means that in the case of the Jura auction, you have to get to the UK before we transport you to Jura and in the second auction that you have to have a UK venue or location we can meet at.

Let’s hope we can raise a lot of funds here for something which has devastated a lot of lives. As you would expect we’ll be using our social media connections – my twitter feed, Jura’s twitter feed, the Whyte & Mackay twitter feed, the Jura Pictures page, The Diurachs Facebook page and other sites – to promote this.

The auctions will be running for 10 days. Please spread details of these far and wide so we can raise as much as possible.

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