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The 16th annual Malt Advocate Whisky Awards will be presented in the Spring 2010 issue of  magazine, due out March 1st. However, for the first time ever, we will be announcing the award winners on the Malt Advocate blog, “What Does John Know?” beginning February 1st.

The award will then automatically be published on Malt Advocate Publisher John Hansell’s Facebook and Twitter (@JohnHansell) accounts.
The advantage of publishing the awards on the Malt Advocate blog is two-fold:

The awards can be announced quicker on social media than in print media and will reach a larger audience.

Announcing the awards in a blog platform allows for further discussion and interaction between whisky enthusiasts, press, and trade.

“We are always trying to be as progressive as possible,” notes Hansell. “We look forward to using social media more in the future to provide Malt Advocate readers with the best whisky experience possible — one that is complementary to Malt Advocate magazine.”

The dates the category winners will be announced are:

February 1st:  Best Buy Whisk(e)y of the Year

February 2nd:  Artisan Whiskey of the Year

February 3rd:  American Whiskey of the Year

February 4th:  Canadian Whisky of the Year

February 5th:  Irish Whiskey of the Year

February 6th:  Scotch Whisky Blend of the Year

February 7th:  Scotch Whisky Single Malt of the Year

February 8th:  Pioneer of the Year

February 9th:  Industry Leader of the Year

February 10th:  Distillery of the Year

February 11th:  Lifetime Achievement Award

On February 11th, we will also be announcing our “Top Ten New Whiskies for 2009.”

Be sure to tune in to What Does John Know? beginning February 1st.

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