How NOT to Run A Scotch Whisky Judging Competition – Scotch Whisky Hiccup

ERRATUM – The people behind a new whisky competition called ‘the 2010 International Whisky Competition’ have listed on their website many Malt Maniacs as judges.  We’d like to make it clear that no Malt Maniacs was involved in organizing this event and no Malt Maniacs was approached to judge the event until after our names had been posted and industry representatives contacted us to see if it was legitimate. We’re sorry but no Malt Maniacs will be judging at the 2010 International Whisky Competition. We aren’t snubbing the event, we simply can’t participate. The Malt Maniacs wish the best of luck to the 2010 International Whisky Competition.

The screen capture of the IWC webpage that erroneously listed a number of people as  judges prior to their being asked or even to consenting to be a judge;


From Wikipedia;

International Whisky Competition

With just 47 entries, the International Whisky Competition or (IWC) is one of the smallest whisky competitions in the world. The IWC is the only purely Whisky competition of its kind. Additionally, it is the only competition that uses live streaming, liveblogging and tweeting to keep the public up-to-date. The International Whisky Competition is the first live Whisky competition to be broadcast over the Internet and Mobile Devices.[1]. Additionally, The Johnson’s Whisky Tot from Bottega del Vino Crystal was the Official Whisky Tasting Glass of the 2010 International Whisky Competition[2].
The International Whisky Competition is a young and creative company organizing a world-class whisky competition. In fact,one of the judges is so young he cannot legally drink whisky. The International Whisky Competition is the smallest whisky competition in the world. Their goal is to bring whiskies from around the world to be tasted and rated by a panel of judges in an annual event. The organizers were so keen to bring credibility to their 2010 competition that they posted the names of prominent whisky judges on their website without having asked them first[[1]]. When these well-known judges learned from industry contacts that their names were being associated with the competition, and began asking that their names be removed from the website, a general call went out for new judges and eventually six were found. These included Binod K. Maitin, the vice-president of United Breweries, owners of Whyte & MacKay, whose whiskies won most of the prizes. The International Whisky Competition attracts whisky lovers from around the world via the web and allows fans to vote for their favorite whisky of the competition. The company was founded in Canada in 2009 by three whisky connoisseurs.


The Master Whisky Tasters for 2010:

Jean-Marie Putz – Belgium (Confirmed)
Binod K. Maitin – India (Confirmed)
Alexis Morin-Côté – Canada (Confirmed)
Becky Offringa- Netherlands (Confirmed)
Hans Offringa – Netherlands (Confirmed)
Brett Pontoni – USA (Confirmed)
Blair Bowman – Scotland (Confirmed)

Judges will taste each whisky blind and use a standard 100 point scoring system.

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