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We have some very exciting additions to our Lonach range from Duncan Taylor. These value whiskies don’t come along very often.
Springbank has released their first whisky from the new Mitchell’s Glengyle Distillery, Kilkerran. This will be available toward the end of this month. A unique chance to taste whisky from Campbeltown’s newest distillery in over 100 years!
Please be sure to check out this month’s SPOTLIGHT. We have a limited amount left of the truly rare Ayrshire Single Malt…
And, for the first time you will be able to download a current Scotch List of all our currently available bottlings.
Ken Young
Preiss Imports

New Lonach Blended Scotch Whiskies
Great Value / Superb Quality
As most of you know, the Lonach brand is produced by Duncan Taylor Co.-bottlings that make the most of DTC’s underproof barrels. Unable to be bottled as a single cask, this extraordinary stock of wonderful whiskies are blended together to create these Lonach gems. Take advantage of this terrific opportunity! 
Lonach Blended Scotch 35 yr old
Lonach Bunnahabhain 1969 39 yr old
Lonach Glendaroch 1966 42 yr old
Lonach Glendaroch 1967 41 yr old
Lonach Glenlivet 1970 38 yr old
Lonach Strathisla 1967 42 yr old
Lonach Strathisla 1968 40 yr old
Lonach Tomatin 1965 43 yr old
The best part about these bottlings is their incredible pricing – most of these will retail around $200, though it can vary greatly by market. It is a great opportunity for scotch enthusiasts to have some really mature whisky at value prices.


Kilkerran Single Malt

“Work In Progress”
Kilkerran is the first in a series of releases from the Mitchell’s Glengyle Distillery


Mitchell’s Glengyle Distillery is Campbeltown’s first new distillery in over 100 years. This marks the inaugural global release from the distillery, and kicks off the “Work in Progress” series that will follow the maturation of Kilkerran Single Malt to 12 years of age.

Malt Advocate’s John Hansell interviewed Frank McHardy, Director of Distilleries for Springbank & Mitchell’s…Why Kilkerran when they are already producing three other malts?

“After all, he’s already making three different kinds of whisky at the Springbank distillery-lightly peated Springbank which is distilled 2½ times, heavily peated Longrow which is distilled twice, and unpeated Hazelburn which is triple-distilled.” Frank’s response was that he wanted to make a more traditional Campebeltown style whisky- distilled twice and lighty peated (about 10-12 ppm phenol).  

Kilkerran Single malt is lightly peated for 6 hours, and is double distilled.

Nose: An initial burst of perfume leads into a sweet, fruity and ultimately spicy aroma. Palate: Cloves, more fruits sweetness. Considering that this dram is a work in progress, it is already lively, zesty and full of flavor. Finish: The sweetness lasts through to the finish with hints of vanilla lingering on the tongue.

Duncan Taylor Rarest of the Rare 1973 Ayrshire 34 Year Old 
Truly Rare
Preiss Imports was lucky enough to get their hands on this little-known distillery bottling. Ayrshire, which is the name of the town where this malt was distilled, is a very rare single malt. It was distilled at Ladyburn in 1973 – though the name Ladyburn has not been used out of respect for the distillery’s owners.
The distillery was opened by William Grant & Sons in 1966. Its original intent was to sustain their needs for blended whisky. It is rumored that a few casks were set aside, and this is one of them. The distillery was shut down in 1975, just two short years before this malt was distilled.
To our knowledge, this is 1 of only 2 or 3 single cask Ayrshire single malts to ever be released. A true treasure!
Fittingly, this rare whisky comes in a beautiful mahogany box complete with a tasting glass and collector’s miniature.
Only 29 bottles remain in the Preiss Cellar…SRP around $1000

For full details on Preiss Imports please visit them at

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