Bruichladdich Single Malt Islay Whisky Product Update


The Bruichladdich bottling hall will be humming;

Bruichladdich Distillery have announced a few forthcoming releases for the summer:

17yo Rum Finish RRP £53.99
Classic 3ppm multi vintage bourbon casked RRP £33.99
Sherry Classic 3ppm multi vintage mix of sherry types RRP £33.99
Infinity 3rd Edition 20ppm Multi Vintage, refill sherry/Tempranillo 50% RRP £43.99
X4+3 3ppm, bourbon, 63.5%, 15,000 bottles worldwide RRP £49.99
Organic 5yo, 3ppm bourbon casked, 15,000 bottles worldwide RRP £39.99
1992 17yo Fino 3ppm bourbon/fino sherry RRP £55.99
1992 17yo Pedro Ximenez bourbon/PX sherry RRP £55.99
1989 Black Art 19yo 3ppm, 51.1% Bourbon Ace’d assorted French Wines RRP £79.99
Port Charlotte 8yo 40ppm packaged in 6 different tins 60.5% 40ppm RRP £66
Octomore II 140ppm RRP £79.99

For full Bruichladdich Information visit them at


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